As of March 2021, rates of infection in Lancaster County have dropped significantly since December of 2020. The number of residents who have received the vaccination is increasing steadily. 

I am now doing in-person readings, but will also read via Zoom or Skype. I also provide written reports.

Classes that were cancelled in 2020 will be rescheduled, and I have new ones in the works!  Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes will be offered in-person and through Zoom. I'm also looking forward to inviting speakers and holding interactive events. 

Reincarnation Studies

I am beginning the Reincarnation Studies group on September 16, 2021. Classes will be structured around the growing body of scientific evidence - a serious look in an informal, comfortable setting. We will examine case studies across time and space, from cultural, religious, historical, scientific, philosophical, psychological, ethical, and mythological perspectives. 

Our discussions will include skeptical arguments against reincarnation, as well as areas of research that support the idea, such as Near-Death Experiences, regression therapy, spontaneous memories, prodigies, and modern physics. Important concepts such as karma, the nature of consciousness, and theories of personality will be part of our intellectual and spiritual journey. We will also explore New Age ideas - Soul Mates, Walk-Ins, and Life-Between-Lives regression therapy.

Reincarnation is the only after-life theory for which there is substantial evidence - but you do not need to believe in reincarnation to participate. 

Class size will be limited. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested, and I will save your spot!

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